Healing Workshop

Yoga Workshop

Yoga is a method to integrates breath, movement, gaze and posture to open up the experience of the body, and to encourage the currents of our creativity to flow.  Though it can be demanding, Yoga workshop can be practiced by nearly anyone.  There are no requirements but a love of inquiry and experimentation, tempered with an openness to the unfamiliar, and a readiness to experience emotional release while working with the challenges of an unusual contemplative form.  Immersion in the practice can have a profound impact.  Those who practice assiduously can find themselves transcending rigid tendencies of mind, dispelling essentialist projections, and rediscovering traces of the sublime in everyday life.

Singing Bowl Workshop

Singing Bowl is heavenly and soulful. There is nothing like it to instantly quiet the mind and bring about the primal silence of peace. Naturally uplifting, the bowls are used for healing and to tune us up to our natural state of peace, love, joy, and freedom. The bowls are associated with the Chakra system of the human body, and correspondingly to the musical scale.

Cultures throughout the world and throughout time have used music and sound for healing, meditation, and for connection to the divine. Himalayan bowls are used for regular spiritual practice, and in more ancient times inner balance was sought through the use of sound from Europe to Australia, from China to early America. For centuries alignment to spirit has been accomplished through vibrational sound instruments such as drums, rattles, sticks, and cymbals.

Experience the magic for yourself and try your own special bowl!