Ayurvedic Physical Questionnaire

Determine Your Constitution

When answering these questions, go as far back as you can remember, to your youth and early adult years. You want to identify those characteristics that you were born with. This will help in identifying your constitution.  Generally pick one per category (though in some there may be more than one) and circle, then add up your score at the bottom.

Mental  Activity

Vata--Quick,active, restless

Pitta--Sharp, critical, aggressive

Kapha--Calm, steady, slow, stable

Ability to learn

Vata--Quick to grasp concepts

Pitta--Moderate ability to grasp new information

Kapha--Slow to grasp new information


Vata--Light, interrupted

Pitta--Sound, medium

Kapha--Sound, heavy, long

Hunger level

Vata – Irregular

Pitta--Sharp, can be strong

Kapha--Can easily miss meals


Vata--Prefers warm

Pitta--Prefers cold

Kapha--Prefers dry and warm

Reaction to stress

Vata--Excites quickly


Kapha--Slow to get excited


Vata--Changes quickly

Pitta--Changes slowly

Kapha--Steady, unchanging

When threatened tends to



Kapha--Make peace

Confidence level


Pitta--Outwardly self confident

Kapha--Inner confidence

Hair type
Vata--Dry, frizzy,thin, dark

Pitta--Straight, fine,premature graying

Kapha--Oily, wavy, thick


Vata--Dry, rough or both, dark/sallow, tans easily, cold

Pitta--Soft, normal to oily, light, sunburns easily, warm

Kapha--Oily, moist, fair, thic, cool


Vata--Dry, hard, thin, easily constipated

Pitta--Many during day, soft to normal

Kapha--Heavy, slow, thick, regular