Urban Resort

The Anandi Hotel and Spa is a new well-being luxury hotel

aims to create a new landmark in Shanghai.

It is in the heart of Hongqiao, next to the Suzhou River

and conveniently close to the city’s most prominent commercial business zones.

The two buildings are built facing each other and

present the shape of "Taiji Yin Yang Fish Chart" in the architectural design.

Each detail in The Anandi Hotel and Spa Shanghai strives to demonstrate the beauty of spiritual. Agnes, the HBA partner and renowned designer who is responsible for the interior design, said: "The design style of the entire hotel draws inspiration from nature, creating the vitality in simplicity and conveying a kind of 'balance of life and tranquility' in space. The guests arrived at the hotel, a small path surrounded by water and trees. The design of the lobby was inspired by the forest secret with the 'Shanghai Alley' style on the left. The lobby bar in accordance with the innovative design of Shanghai's traditional Shikumen reflects the intimacy of Shanghai's traditional living culture and local culture. The atriums, restaurants and guest rooms have been designed with the concept of outdoor space and the multi-story rooms surrounded by the atrium. The glass elevator and the spiral staircase that echoes across it run through the sinking floor of the main hotel building to the glass dome. "