Anandi Overview

A Feast of Holistic Healing from all over the World

In Sanskrit “Anandi” means infinite joy .

The Anandi Hotel and Spa is a new wellbeing luxury hotel.

The Anandi created an entirely new concept that provides natural, rejuvenating, soul-nourishing and holistic services for urban citizens. It features various unique facilities and services focusing on offering relaxing and refreshing experiences by restoring energy and balance.

Located in central Hongqiao, adjacent to the Suzhou River. Bearing testament to its true luxury essence, the hotel has also been selected as the fifth member in China of the prestigious "Leading Hotels of the World".

Offering 325 rooms and suites designed in charm,

5000m² of versatile events space with a 1500m² outdoor wedding lawn,

various selection of F&B outlets,

and a state of the art Healing Touch with 100+ world-renowned healing programs enables The Anandi to be the most comprehensive luxury hotel for people who willing to re-energize the lives through transformative experiences.

The Healing concept integrates a unique five step health solution for lifelong health and wellbeing. The offerings incorporate holistic wellbeing choices which are natural, rejuvenating, therapeutic and soul-nourishing.

Sleep - helping you to enhance relaxation and promote healthy sleep experience

Detox - improving all over health and well-being with body detoxification and purification

Vitality - Aiding our guests to manages stress and promote self-healing, supporting better physical and emotional balance

Rejuvenation -  providing all over body rejuvenation with skin renewal treatments and de-ageing treatment solutions

Energize - improving the energy levels and enhancing long-term wellbeing and healthier quality of life