Healing Recipe

Healing Touch brings a new meaning to the urban citizens of Shanghai and a healing destination for wellness seekers worldwide.

Healing Touch has taken its inspiration from the global network of the Healing Hotels along with the growing World of wellness to provide health and wellbeing solutions and long-term healthy lifestyle choices for body rejuvenation, mindfulness, balance and vitality.

Indulge in the luxury of balancing and healing services.
Healing Touch offers the finest fully integrated leisure, Spa and well-being facility with selected Eastern and Western healing programs from around the World right in the urban City of Shanghai, China.

We offer a total solution for wellbeing with a World class therapeutic Spa, de-ageing treatments, International wellness therapies, detox packages, healing education and workshops, authentic Yoga and meditation practices, Reiki and energy healing, natural holistic therapies, locally inspired treatments and progressive fitness offerings with interactive functional training, wellness activities, multi-functional movement and physical therapy.

Sleep Enhancement Programs
Helping you to enhance relaxation and promote healthy sleep experiences. Poor sleep effects many people especially those who live in busy urban environments with a high paced stressful lifestyle and poor sleeping habits will further enhance exhaustion, stress and health related issues. The Healing Touch integrative wellness approach to relaxation and relief of stress will promote better sleep patterns thus improving overall health and wellbeing. Therapy includes aromatherapy, meditation, sound therapy and singing bowl treatment, flotation therapy, Watsu therapy, jet lag treatment, Yoga, Pranayama and spiritual mindfulness effectively enhancing better quality sleep for our guest.

Detoxification Programs
Living an urban lifestyle, we naturally absorb toxins in our body through environmental pollutions, lifestyle habits and unhealthy diets. The accumulated toxins are hazardous to our health, weakens our immune system, stimulates allergies, lowers energy and induces skin problems. Once the body is purified, it will help improve the complexion, revitalize you, restore internal balance, improve energy levels and overall health.

Healing Touch offers a complete range of purification treatments to remove toxic substances from the skin and body, including lymphatic drainage, detoxification therapies, Ayurveda, Yogic detox, nutritional counselling and detoxification meals.

Body Shaping Programs

The intensive pace of urban living, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, processed foods, high fat and sugar diets cause weight fluctuations and unshapely bodies.

Healing Touch has body shaping programs to effectively manage these problems including: fat-burning activities, personal fitness training, body and mind counselling, controlled diet and nutrition and light fasting programs. With your personal commitment, we will be able to provide you with long term solutions to achieve a better physical look and wellbeing.

De-Aging Programs
Many factors will speed up the aging process - unhealthy eating habits, environmental pollution, lifestyle habits and stress. Healing Touch offers a choice of de-aging treatments and services taht will rejuvenate and revitalize you. Our de-aging services includes, intensive facial theraphy, innovative body treatments, Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda wellness therapies including Shirodhara and Abhyanga.

Located at the cross of Suzhou River and Zhujiabang Creek in Hongqiao Linkong Park
Healing Touch is the largest holistic healing and well-being center in Shanghai expanding over a 5,000 sq.m floor area.
It is created by the world’s top healing and design experts
offering 23 SPA and wellness treatment rooms, 4 health diagnosis and private consultation rooms,
extensive hydrothermal area with therapeutic bath & hydro circuit,
600 sq.m area of classes and workshops, multi-functional gym and activities studio, pools, physiotherapy studio, private relaxation and meditation area and a healthy and nutritious café.