Local Exploration

Shanghai is a global city that mixes both tradition and modernity in ways that dazzle with charm.

West of the city center, Shanghai’s Hongqiao area has emerged as a new engine for economic development along the Yangtze River Delta.

With one of the world’s largest exhibition centers, scores of elite office towers, luxury residences, upmarket shopping and the vast Hongqiao Transportation Hub, it is built to impress.

The surrounding area provides the opportunity to balance an intense work schedule with relaxing outdoor activity.


• Qibao Ancient Town  - 11 km

Shadow plays and cricket fights were the most popular folk activities among the ancient Chinese, these are easily found in this conveniently located ancient town in the center of Minhang District.

• Shanghai Audi International Circuit - 26 km

Built in 2004 for the country’s first Formula One race, this Jiading District track now hosts the annual Chinese Grand Prix.

• Yu Garden - 16 km

More than five acres of gardens form an oasis in the middle of Shanghai, just next door to the City God Temple. See Ming Dynasty architecture, ponds, pavilions and the Exquisite Jade Rock.

• Xin Tian Di - 14 km

Urban attraction that holds the historical and cultural legacies of Shanghai. International galleries, bars and cafes are stylishly found in the antique walls of old Shanghai housing. Visitors will get a taste of both 1920's and the modern lifestyle of the 21st century.

• The Bund (Wai Tan) - 16 km

Bright lights and historic architecture go hand in hand in Shanghai’s most iconic district. Situated along the Huangpu River, The Bund is known for its Neo-Classical and Art Deco buildings.

• Oriental Pearl Tower - 17 km

Once the highest building in China, this structure towers more than 467 meters (1,535 feet) high.

• Zhu Jia Jiao - 40 km

More than 1,700 years old, this ancient city is called a “water town” because of the many canals and waterways that intersect local rivers. Take a peaceful stroll across a few of the city’s 36 stone bridges.

• Shanghai Disneyland® - 42 km

Shanghai Disneyland is only a few kilometers away from the hotel. Come with your friends to spend happy time with Mickey and enjoy the magic world.