Philosophy & Concept


Within Anandi; Joy, Wellbeing, Health and Happiness means everything. As an urban resort, the Anandi Hotel and Spa Shanghai is a unique fusion of oriental architecture and western minimalism. Many healing and wellness elements are incorporated into the design and furnishings of the entire Anandi Hotel and Spa.  The Hotel is an oasis from the moment you step into the lobby with the sounds of Healing music, to the natural wood and bamboo furnishings to the scent of pure aromatherapy. Alluring contemporary design that takes you on a mood-changing journey with hotel’s contemporary settings. Inside, the hotel is open and fluid, with spaces and passageways that flow from one area to another and from dark to light, or from bustle to calm.

Healing Touch brings a new meaning to the urban citizens of Shanghai and a healing destination for wellness seekers worldwide. It has taken its inspiration from the growing World of wellness to provide health and wellbeing solutions and long-term healthy lifestyle choices for body rejuvenation, mindfulness, balance and vitality.

Healing Touch offers the finest fully integrated leisure, Spa and well-being facility with selected Eastern and Western healing programs from around the World right in the urban City of Shanghai, China.

We offer a total solution for wellbeing with a World class therapeutic Spa, de-ageing treatments, International wellness therapies, detox packages, healing education and workshops, authentic Yoga and meditation practices, Reiki and energy healing, natural holistic therapies, locally inspired treatments and progressive fitness offerings with interactive functional training, wellness activities, multi-functional movement and physical therapy.

Sleep Therapy - helping you to enhance relaxation and promote healthy sleep experiences.
Detox – improving all over health and well-being with body detoxification and purification.
Vitality – Aiding our guests to manage stress and promote self-healing, supporting better physical and emotional balance.
Rejuvenation – providing all over body rejuvenation with skin renewal treatments and de-ageing treatment solutions.
Energize – improving our guests’ energy levels and enhancing long-term well-being and healthier quality of life.