About The Anandi

In Anandi, we are responsible for our health and we can stay well by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes healthy eating habits, sufficient movement and emotional Wellbeing. 

The Anandi Hotel and Spa Shanghai is a new wellbeing luxury hotel. It has partnered with German professional association “Healing Hotels of the World”and proud to be the first Healing hotel in China. The Anandi created an entirely new concept that provides natural, rejuvenating, soul-nourishing and holistic services for urban citizens. It features various unique facilities and services focusing on offering relaxing and refreshing experiences by restoring energy and balance.

The Anandi Hotel and Spa is located in central Hongqiao, adjacent to the Suzhou River and in close proximity to the city’s most prominent commercial business zones. 

Concern at “Sleeping” “Breathing” “Detoxing” from our bodies.
Our vision is to make every guest can fully released from the body, mind and spirit, enjoy the life of abundance and sacred.

[Sleeping] - Sleeping within the moment

Corresponding to our metabolic system, we improve sleep quality through mindfulness meditation and improved sleep environment.

Our hotel offers you a geodetic mattress that balances the positive and negative  energies within the human body, a clinically proven sleep aid by the master of music therapy Dr. Lee Bartel; paired with 15 different pillows to choose from, and a signature sleep aid Chinese herbal medicine bath bag.

[Detox] - is the purity of the empty heart

Corresponding to our digestive system, detoxification is the key to purification. It also helps increase our metabolism. Our hotel’s food and beverage outlet can arrange tailor made catering for different physiques; and our personal butler will also deliver tailor made detox meals to your room.

[Vitality] - Breathing is about the state of mind

Corresponding to our respiratory system, breathing correctly relieves mood and balances our health. We have professional mindfulness meditation workshops; yoga workshops, and Tai Chi workshops for you. Put your consciousness in the moment and feel the power brought by the moment.


[Rejuvenation] - is the infinite joy of the heart

Corresponding to our body system, we have created a dedicated massage treatment program for you to experience. A complete experience that will transcend your mind body and soul.


[Energize] - It is the beauty of the movement that completes our body

Corresponding to our circulatory system, relieve muscle fatigue and dredge the meridians. Experience our fitness center, the Hatha Yoga Workshop, and the Pilates Workshop.

The Anandi Hotel and Spa
No.7, Linhong Road, Changning District,
Shanghai, China 200335
Tel: 86 21 2227 9999