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Healing Touch offers the finest fully integrated leisure, Spa and wellbeing facility with selected healing programs from around the World right in the urban City of Shanghai, We offer a total solution for wellbeing with a World class therapeutic Spa, de-ageing treatment, international wellness therapies, detox packages, workshops, authentic Yoga and meditation practices, Reiki and energy healing and progressive fitness and wellness activities.

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Rejuvenation, Health, Wellbeing
Shirodhara – Ayurveda Treatment for Clarity of Mind & Body
A stress relieving treatment throughout which warm oil is poured over the third eye to soothe, calm and uplift the nervous system. Aids with treating stress and stress related skin conditions including sleep problems.
Kati Vasti – Ayurveda Back Treatment Therapy
A nurturing back treatment in which warm medicated oils are pooled on the lower back. It promotes muscle and ligament strength to support the spine, relieving lower backache and to treat spinal related injuries and conditions.
Healing Lava Shell Therapy
​This magical soothing massage is an experience hot to be missed. Our skilled therapist glides warmed healing lava shells over your body. This therapeutic massage soothes and relaxes as it melts away stress and tensions.
The Anandi Hotel and Spa
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